Gumantar Ancient Mosque


Masjid Lokaq Sesait by

The religious center was located in Gumantar Village in what now becomes an ancient mosque, while the government was concentrated in DasanBeleq Sub-village. Among the historical heritages in the area, according to Malinom (48), a leader in DasanBeleqSub-village, are Bale BangarGubuq, locally called Pagalan, located in the middle of GubuqDasanBeleq of a 5x5 meter mosque. Local community only use this village during special occasion such as MaulidNabi, anniversary of mosque when rainy season slowly changes into dry season, et cetera. Gumantar Ancient Mosque represents a belief that there are three phases of life: life before born, life on earth, and in the hereafter. © 2016
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