The proposed Geopark is called Rinjani-Lombok Geopark formerly in 2007. Bandung Geological Agency organized a meeting with some Indonesian geotourism observers and proposed a Geopark named Mount Rinjani Geopark. Then in October 2008 IAGI Pengda Nusa Tenggara (local management of Indonesian Geoloigist Association) held the first National Geopark Seminar in Indonesia took place in Mataram Lombok and produced a conclusion and recommendations. The Second National Geopark Seminar held by Puslit Geoteknologi (Geotecnology Research Centre) LIPI in Jayakarta Hotel Bandung in August 2010 also brought out some recommendations. Subsequently some key stakeholders from West Nusa Tenggara government, Geological Agency, and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy agreed to enlarge the coverage area of Rinjani Geopark and changed the name of Rinjani Geopark become Lombok Geopark. After UNESCO’s advisors led by Mr. Guy Martini visited the Geopark on November 17-19, 2012, He recommended the Geopark committee to narrow the area of Lombok Geopark with Mount Rinjani as its central point and main road that connect Ampenan City and Selong in East Lombok as its southern boundary. Then the committee proposed its final name “Rinjani-Lombok Geopark”. The forward movement of the Geopark was preparing a dossier of Aspiring Rinjani-Lombok Geopark in Bandung on June 12-18, 2013 by all Geopark team. Finally, a workshop of the dossier arrangement was held in Lombok.