Rinjani Volcano

The cone of Rinjani volcano with the height of 3.726 m amsl is number 2 highest volcano in Indonesia. During pre-eruption of Samalas there were two volcanic cones namely Samalas volcano and Rinjani volcano with their stratocone formation happen between 12.000 – 6.000 years ago (A. Nasution, 2010).

Because Rinjani complex is now the highest, the peak of Rinjani’s cone becomes the main destination for most adventurer and campers who came to the the area.

The crater of Rinjani which is also called as SegaraMuncar is a caldera with about 300 m in diameter and around 150 m water free area separated from Samalas caldera. After Samalas eruption in the 13th century that formed the big crater, the volcanic activity shifted to Samalas caldera with Barujari volcano as its center of activity.

Reconstruction of Samalas and Rinjani Volcanic Cones (Lavigne and friends, 2013)
Peak of Volcanic Cone and Rinjani’s Crater (seen from air)
Rinjani’s Crater (seen from peak of Rinjani’s Cone