Waterfalls In Aik Berik

Aik Berik Village is a tourism spot in North Batukliang District, Central Lombok Regency. There are some waterfalls within the area such as BenalStokel, BenangKelambu, Sesere, and PengkelepUdang. Around this tourism spot lies conservation area, community forest/agro tourism and protected forest of National Park.

This place is also a starting point for trekking to Rinjani Mountain, and along the trail to it’s caldera rim (PelawanganBatubelah) there lie some waterfalls such as Tiara DewiAnjani, Monte and Pancoran Mas.

Benang Stokel Waterfall

In BenangStokel waterfall the water run from an escarpment of about 30 meter in height. Its wall indicates an interspersed pattern of lava and breccias. This is evidence that the volcanic rocks came from volcanic eruption with over one time eruption. The lower part of the escarpment seems to create a cavity, a common sign of erosion, hence the escarpment is suspected to be from cut-off lava tounge.

Pengkelep Udang Waterfall

Pengkelep Udang waterfall lies down stream of BenangStokel waterfall with the water drop from 20 meter on lava and breccias layer. Its lower part was eroded forming a niche.

Benang Kelambu Waterfall

BenangKelambu waterfall is located about 1 km western side of BenangStokel or approximately 15 minutes walk or 5 minutes motorbike ride through a track in the north. BenangStokel is unique since its water came out from ground water cut by a steep escarpment. Water falls down from the pores and cavities of rocks in the escarpment’s upper wall forming 4 stages with a height of about 40 meters.

Sesere Waterfall

Sesare waterfall lies in between BenangStokel and BenangKelambu, having different surface stream from BenangStokel. Water stream falls over a 15 meters high escarpment of lava and breccia.

Kliwun Waterfall

Kliwun waterfall is situated down the stream of Sesere waterfall with a drop of 17 meter. Local people build a drinking water facility in this area for their need. The track to reach Sesere and Kliwun waterfalls are bad and quite steep. Extra cautions would be needed.