Waterfalls In Bayan

There are 3 waterfalls in Senaru Village, Bayan District, North Lombok Regency namely SendangGile, Tiu Kelep and BataraLenjang. Sendang Gile waterfall lies in the elevation of 440 m amsl, formed in a 30-35 meter high escarpment wall formed by andesite lava on top and breccias below. In the top part the parallel joints and escarpment created a multi level waterfall.

Tiu Kelep waterfall is located to the headwater of SendangGile in the elevation of 600 meters amsl, approximately 30 minutes walk up the pavement and conduits. The formation of this waterfall is similar to SendangGile. Water flows from 50-60 meter down through a steep escarpment formed by andesite lava and breccias.

BataraLejang waterfall is located in the direction of Tiu Kelep’s headwater, inside Mt. Rinjani National Park. In here, water stream falls through steep escarpment formed by lava and breccias. Although not as high as two others BataraLejang has a unique property with the appearance of a clear hot spring close to it.