Waterfalls In Gangga

In Gangga district, North Lombok Regency, there are some waterfalls among them are Tiu Pupus and KertaGangga waterfalls. Tiu Pupus is a 50-meter high waterfall in Kerurak, Genggeng Village. “Tiu” means large water pool, while “Pupus” means roots of plantations living in riverbanks or high cliff in mountains. There lies water pool about 10 m2. This waterfall started in an escarpment wall formed by andesite lava and breccias. The narrow escarpment indicates erosion as the formation process of this place. Bottom part of this escarpment has relatively non resistant rocks (breccia) compared to the rocks above it (lava).KertaGangga waterfall is located in Kertaraharja, Genggelang village. It has two levels: one below and one above. Walking to its headwater lies a third waterfall with a unique property making the water looks like coming out of the cave. The escarpment wall is consisted of andesite lava and breccias indicating many eruptions happened over time.