Waterfalls In Kayangan

In Kayangan District, North Lombok Regency there are waterfalls namely Tiu Teja, Tiu Bombong and Sekeper.TiuTeja waterfall in Santong Village is about 40 meter in height. “Tiu” means large water pool while “Teja” means rainbow. This waterfall consists of two adjoining waterfalls formed in the escarpment wall of lava and breccias. Formation of this escarpment was suspected to be from erosion process making a hollow in the lower part and the upper part hanging then breaking. This occurred due to the differences in rocks resistance of the upper and lower parts.

Tiu Bombong Waterfall


Tiu Teja Waterfall


Sekeper Waterfall

Sekeper waterfall lies in Santong Village after 2-3 hours walk from the main village. Sekeper waterfall is estimated to be the highest waterfall in Lombok with about 113 meter in height.

Tiu Bombong waterfall’s height is about 40 meter located in an escarpment consisted of lava rocks and breccias. Water stream of Sidutan river in this area forms steep canyons down the system.