Waterfalls In Kerandangan And Senggigi

There are 2 waterfalls within Kerandangan Nature Park which are Gua Walet waterfall and Putri Kembar waterfall.

Gua Walet waterfall located about walk off the entrance while Putri Kembar is about 700 meter up the headwater of Walet Cave. Both waterfalls are small and located in an escarpment formed by lava. During dry season these waterfall disappear due to the lack of water from their river.

Semporonan Waterfall – Senggigi

Semporonan waterfall is about 25 meter high, located in the northern side of Senggigi. Water flows over an escarpment wall of lava and breccia. The escarpment is thought to happen in a lava tounge. Breccias stones underneath then eroded and crated a cavity. This makes lava above it has no more support and then break and created a steep cliff.