Kerandangan Nature Park

Krandangan Forest Park is located at the area of Senggigi Beach at the western part of Lombok Island. The plants constituting this area are Kelicung (Dyospiros malabarica), Terep (Arthocarpus elastica), Sentul (Aglaia sp), Beringin/Banyan Tree (Ficus benjamina), Goak (Ficus sp), Klokos Udang (Dracontomellon mangiferum) and Jukut (Eugenia sp).

At several spots of the zone, if lucky, we can see wild animals such as Ayamhutan/Partridge (Gallus gallus), Cerucukan (Pycnonotusgoaivier), Koakiau (Philemon buceroides), KecialKuning (Zoosteropspalpebrosus), Srigunting (Dicrurusdensus), Raja UdangBiru (Halcyon chloris), Kepodang (Orioluschinensis), Biawak/Giant Lizard (Varanussalvator), KeraEkorPanjang/Long-Tailed Ape (Macacafascicularis). Trekking along the western-side route, we can spot KeraHitam/Lutung/Ebony Leaf Monkey (Tracypithecusauratus) which, in NTB, only live on the island of Lombok. Furthermore, along this track and Bukit Mangsit route we can adore various kinds of butterflies, and if lucky we can even see the famous Kupu-Kupu Raja Helena (Troideshelena), rare butterfly protected by law.