Lombok Botanical Garden

Ex-situ vegetation conservation zone called Lombok Botanical Garden is situated inside the protected-forest of Lemor/Petandakan, Suela Village, Suela Sub-District located less than 28 kms north of Selong City, Lombok Timur, with the area of 130 Ha.

The area is still a secondary forest, 89,2 Ha, with mixed vegetation and open area (Kopang II), 42 Ha, which is now used as the place to cultivate several kinds of agricultural plants by the local government of Lombok Timur. Every botanical garden has its own complexion differing it with one another, so does Lombok Botanical Garden, which is developed under “vegetation conservation of Lesser Sunda Island” theme, due to the fact that this is the first botanical garden of the Lesser Sunda Region–and currently the only one–is projected to be one of the integrated society empowerment center of area development (DAS) by synergic collaboration of various parties.

Staff and the collections in Lombok Botanical Garden