West Rinjani Forest area

Western-Rinjani KPLH is astronomically situated between 116º 02′ 44″ – 116º 28′ 25″ East and 08º 17′ 22″ – 08º 34′ 52″ South, which administratively located in two districts: Lombok Barat district – Narmada, Lingsar, Gunung Sari, and Batulayar sub-districts, and Lombok Utara district – Pemenang, Tanjung, Gangga, Kayangan, and Bayan.

Based on the enumerical result of permanently-measured square (PUP), temporarily-measured square (PUS), it is known that there are 135 species of flora at Western-Rinjani KPHL. Meanwhile the type of species dominated the primary forest, based on the invetarisation of protected forest (2008), and carbon-stock survey (2013), are Rajumas (Duabangamoluccana), Udu/Kalimuru (Neolitsajavanica), Klokos/Jejawan/Dungul (Syzigiumsp), Bintangur (Calophylluminophyllum), Buraksasa/Bentaeng (Bilshmiedialucidula), Sangkuri/Cempaka/chrysolite  (Michelia alba), and etc. Furthermore the secondary forest vegetations are dominated by Dadap/Boro (Erythrinavarigata), kopi/coffee (Coffeaarabica), Kakao/Coklat/Cacao (Theobrama Cacao), Gamal (Gliricidiasepium), Randu (Querqussuber), Saropan (Urceolabrachysepala Hook), Bambu/ Tereng/Bamboo (Bambusaangulata), Kluwih (Arthocarpuscommunis), Aren/sugar palm (Arengapinata), Ketimunan/Gaharu/Aloes (Girinopsverstigii) and etc.

Forest area at Western-Rinjani KPHL is on the same ecosystem as Mount Rinjani National Park.